“UTOPIA” is a collection inspired by the dream of a perfect reality in a world increasingly contaminated by today’s divisive conflicts. Each dress tells a distant story, embracing the cultures and wonderful aesthetics of each country that is part of the world of the Burgo Fashion School, uniting them in a show that celebrates the countries in which our school operates.
Our students, choosing from the network of “Burgo Fashion Schools in the world,” reflect the cultural identity of peoples through monochromatic creations, ethnic embroidery and well-structured, poetic shapes and volumes.
The fabrics, colors and manipulations offer an extraordinarily rich overview of the world’s cultural variety, without neglecting trends that reflect global taste and concept.
It is an opportunity to discover new traditions and aesthetics, and to be inspired by couture mastery through a celebration of draping, moulage techniques and precious details.
Utopia is a “non-place” where stories of identity and tradition marry haute couture with its succession of creations, in a show that becomes a unique experience that enriches and inspires.
The fashion show will be June 26th, at 8 p.m. at “THE BEACH” located in Via Arcangelo Corelli 62, in Milan, followed by the Cocktail Party at 9:30 p.m. to celebrate this academic milestone with our students. For more information about tickets, you can contact our offices at elisabetta@imb.it or 02 783753.