Fernando Burgo named Knight of the Republic

On June 2nd, 2024, an institutional ceremony for Republic Day was held at the Prefettura di Milano, during which 39 Honours of the Order “Al Merito della Repubblica Italiana” were awarded by Mayor Giuseppe Sala and Prefect Claudio Sgaragli.
Among the honours stood out the one received by our Director and founder of the Burgo Institute, Fernando Burgo, who was awarded the title of Knight of the Italian Republic.
Director Fernando Burgo’s tireless initiative has rewarded him several times over the years. As a matter of fact, this is not the first time he has been recognized for his contribution in the fashion and education sector.
The founder of Istituto Burgo has received many awards over the years: in 2014, the City of Milan conferred him, in Palazzo Marino, the city’s most coveted and highest award, “the Ambrogino d’Oro” in the presence of the then mayor Giuliano Pisapia.
In 2016, he has seen his success recognized another time: first by his homeland, Puglia, receiving in the Sala Alessi of the Milan City Hall the “Ambassador of Terre di Puglia” Award from the panel of judges of Eccellenze di Puglia. Later, in 2018, receiving the “Stars of Social Merit” Award for the enhancement and irreplaceable social contributions that Director Fernando Burgo has offered in the territories and among people.
In addition, thanks to the collaboration with the Asilo Mariuccia Foundation and the Italian Red Cross, each year the Institute opens its doors to several students who can access the courses for free.
Fernando Burgo contributed to the Italian fashion heritage with his inventiveness and creativity. The method, invented by Burgo himself, is encapsulated in the two volumes “Il Modellismo Sartoriale” and “Il Figurino di Moda”: a revolutionary method that has profoundly influenced the fashion world and continues to do so today. Istituto di Moda Burgo is indeed the only school that is also a textbook publisher.

The prestigious institution, based in Milan and with 35 branches in Italy and around the world, was founded in 1961 and continues to prepare students from more than 150 countries.
About 300 students graduate each year from Istituto Burgo in Milan and about 8,000 from all Italian and foreign branches, ready to work and carry the Made in Italy label with honor.