Today the filming crew of Prima Notizia was a guest of the Space59 center.
πŸ‘‰ The activities and courses of the center are presented in detail, on which a significant video will soon be published by Prima Notizia
We will also publish on our page, follow our page and get acquainted with our interesting newsπŸ€—

πŸ™‹ And before that let’s remember that
βœ… The Space59 center was created within the United Nations Industrial Development Organization
βœ… Conducts educational, manufacturing and consultancy courses and services aimed at improving the footwear and clothing industry, as well as educating and training specialists in the sector.

The courses are:

– Clothing construction
– Fashion design
– Sewing technology –
Computer model of clothes from the β€œASSOL” program
– Preparation of sewing operators
– Drawing for children
– Planning and organization of production
– shoe modeling. . #modelling_shoes
-Curve shoes in preparation

The services are the same.

– Computer design of clothes and shoe labels and sample preparation, size multiplication and printing
– Professional advice in the sector

βœ… Space59 center is the official representative of the Istituto Italiano di Moda Burgo in Armenia.
βœ… Teachers are trained in the aforementioned Italian school.
βœ… Graduates receive Italian school diplomas and can go to work in sewing manufacturing, design and modeling companies, or obviously apply the skills acquired in their own activities.